About us


VISION: Unleashing extraordinary decision-making power for a more certain future

MISSION: We break down the barriers of the impossible, using advanced Modelling and Simulation, Machine Learning and AI to distil vast quantities of data from the complexity of global trade, providing transformational insights and progressive change


Oxonomy is revolutionary. Oxonomy will enable a paradigm shift in how business decisions are made and how markets conduct business in the presence of vast and emerging data sources. We have seamlessly integrated a core team of proven world-class experts in their respective fields which is unique and hard to replicate. Respected for scientific and commercial excellence and the ability to pioneer new ground, we are unified by a common purpose to deliver more than the sum of our parts, making science and complexity work to deliver extraordinary opportunities for those that work with us and for us.

Our unique relationship with the University of Oxford leverages a depth of knowledge, experience and access to otherwise inaccessible resources and data that is hard for anyone to replicate within the commercial world. We have an unrivalled technology and solution that incorporates all aspects of global trade and transportation, comprising thousands of datasets and providing clients with access to unprecedented global forecasting capabilities.